Words and music by Cole Tyler Hottenrott

I know you may be wondering 
“Why’d he trade her in for those earthly things 
Ain’t it something unusual?” 

Wherever you may find me 
I will still be here and my arms are open wide 
Would it be so unusual? 

Yooou and I are we strangers in your mind? 
Why should I have to be the one to cry? 
Gimme a sign that you want to still be mine 
Don’t leave it up to me to have to decide 

and now I find me wondering 
How did I end up here with strangers all around? 
Aren’t they somewhat unusual? 

Ask me whats wrong oh I hope it wont take long 
To forget all the times that you have done me wrong 
I’ve got to go got to leave you all behind 
And face this moment in my life 

Well it may be right it may be wrong 
Gotta take a chance before its gone 
Before my life is over and I fall into despair. 

Ooohooh, won’t you please stop haunting me? 
Round every corner and all that I can see 
Pink, purple, blue and you know just what to do 
Fuck what they say all those ones that don’t know you 

Windmills on bicycles and jab robins again 
You looking nervous, don’t deserve its all the same 
Yellow, red and blue, the only colors that you knew 
'Wittle' Miss Mystery your star sign sure suits you